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Angela Tirpak- Instructor / Founder

Hi~ I am so happy to be able to offer water survival swim to the community! I am originally from Erie, Pa. where I grew up active in water sports, which led me to become a life guard and swim instructor in high school. I attended Edinboro University where I studied Early Childhood Education. In 2005, I moved to Riverview to raise my children in the endless sunshine and outdoor lifestyle Florida offers. My devotion has been raising my two children~ who are now amazing young adults. My passion for education combined with my love of swimming inspired me to dedicate the next chapter of my life to teaching survival swim. I am so honored to be a part of PediaSwim and to be able to provide valuable, lifesaving swim and float skills to my community.


Little Shark Swim School

Located in Riverview, as well as servicing surrounding areas, our swim programs provide parents a piece of mind while building confidence and independence for their infants/children in the water and out.  Using PediaSwim instruction,  we offer the gentlest, most effective lessons available teaching infants/children to swim and float independently for fun and safety.  Once a child masters the swim-float-swim, stroke lessons will strengthen the child skills making them a better swimmer.  Our goal is for infants/children to be safe, have fun, and excel in the water!  

What is PediaSwim?


PediaSwim is a unique learn to swim program that begins each student’s aquatic education with a concentrated course with emphasis on swimming and floating independently.


PediaSwim students continue their education refining and strengthening their skills and adding snorkeling and stroke development. The right start is very important to insuring that students learn to engage the aquatic environment in a safe and effective way.


What does every infant learn?


Each infant learns buoyancy and balance in both a face down and face up posture. Once the child can demonstrate the swim-float-swim sequence comfortably, they can progress on to our cutting edge system for learning strokes. The core strength and self discipline attained through swim-float-swim moves fluidly into freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly for our two and three year olds. Our four and five year olds become confident and poised competitors.


How valuable are infant survival swimming skills?


The skills learned in PediaSwim have far reaching effects in our students. Our parents report that their children become more self disciplined, independent, and confident in their daily lives.

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Thank you! Look forward to providing life saving skills for your little one and peace of mind for you.