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Lessons are private, one-on-one, Monday through Thursday. Each lesson is 10 minutes a day in the time spot designated for the child. Lessons are only 10 minutes so children can reach attainable goals without getting fatigued or distracted. Lessons typically last for 6 weeks (24 lessons). This can vary as each child learns at their own pace. Daily lessons, in short increments, is how children are able to learn and retain swimming and floating skills in weeks. Lessons are for safety but also for fun. Children will become comfortable and confident in the water. 

Roll to Float


This age group is children who are actively crawling to beginning to walk (Typically from 9 months - 16 months). They will learn the essential survival skill of rolling to back to a float. They will be able to hold this float, resting and breathing, until help arrives. 


Registration fee: $60 

Weekly lessons: $96

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Children who are walking independently (typically 16-18months) and up will learn the essential survival skills of rolling back to float and independently swimming. They will learn to swim with their heads down, when they need a breathe or are tired, rotate to their backs (rest & breathe), then flip over and continue to swim. The sequence of Swim-Float-Swim will allow them to swim to safety.


Registration fee: $60 

Weekly lessons: $96

Scholarship Opportunities


Proudly part of Saved by Luke and Judah Brown Project foundations. Each is dedicated to preventing childhood drowning through raising awareness and providing scholarships for survival swim lessons. To apply for a scholarship or donate to their cause, visit their websites. 

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Angela had my son over his fear of water within minutes of his first lesson, and gave him confidence and a new love of swimming. Highly recommend her to anyone needing survival swim lessons for their child!

Little Shark Swim School was a perfect fit for us. Ms. Angela provides one-on-one swim lessons with patience and positive enforcement. Classes were fun, engaging and my son learned more than what we expected in a fair amount of weeks. He felt safe during the entire process with his instructor, while she push him to learn more based on his skill level. 100% recommended.

Girls Swimming Underwater

I’m so glad I found Ms. Angela, she’s an amazing swim instructor. She has been so patient building rapport and confidence in my kids. After a few lessons, my 1-year-old is now floating on her own and my 4-year-old is swimming underwater and floating with so much confidence. I can’t thank her enough for teaching my kids this life saving tool.

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Little Shark Swim School had my kids going from being afraid of the water to swimming like fish in weeks! We absolutely love Ms. Angela. She is amazing, patient and kind! Wouldn’t go anyplace else!

Laura W.

Diana M.

Jenny S.

Megan W.

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Contact us for further information on Little Shark Swim School and how to get your little one swimming and floating for safety and fun. 

Thank you! We look forward to providing life saving skills for your little one and peace of mind for you.

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